Best of the Ann Arbor Camera Club 2017 - First Place Winners

Second Place Winners - Third Place Winners

"a photo of a lighthouse on a rocky cliff lit bu the light of a setting sun
On the Rise

Jeff Wagoner
Print - Open - Novice
an extreme close up photo of a honeybee on the center of a sunflower
Gathering Pollen
Dale Yates
Digital - Open - Novice
a photograph of a kestrel sittin on a branch blooming with apple blossoms
Kestrel in Apple Blossoms

Keith Matz
Digital - Open - Gal/Pro
photograph of a female lion and her three cubs drinking at a water hole
Mom plus Three

Rich Miller
Digital - Open - Adv 2
photograph of a red-eyed frog with a light green upper, purple belly with orange feet crawling on a red leafed plant
Red-eyed Tree Frog

Lori Franzen
Print - Assigned - Adv 1
photograph of a dead tree in a scorched cracked dessert with the sun setting behind it casting long shadows in the foreground
Deadvlei 2

Patrick Morgan
Digital - Open - Adv 1
Photograph of a swan beating it's wings on nearly a black background in a rain shower
Kensington Spring

Jeff Wagoner
Digital - Assigned - Novice
Photograph of a nearly white scene because of fog with a few boats visible at anchor in a harbor
Fogged In

Fred Beutler
Print - Assigned - Gal/Pro
a closeup photograph if the center of a dandelion head

Mary Whiteside
Print - Assigned - Adv 2
a photograph of a sun streaming through cloudy, misty skies with silhouttes of mountains and ridges
Grand Canyon Sunrise

Dave New
Digital - Open - Adv 2
Photograph of people on steps holding unbrellas, wearing colorful rain coats caught in a down pour
Cusco Rain Storm

Dietmar Haenchen
Digital- Assigned - Adv 2
a photograph of a storm cloud at night with a lightening bolt coming from it reflected on a lake
Cloud of Light

Rosie Lemons
Digital - Assigned - Gal/Pro
a mostly yellow toned photograph of three antlered deer like animals standing in a golden foggy plain of grass
Three Lechwe

Rich Miller
Digital - Open - Adv 2
a photograph of a red lighthouse being splashed by a wave along a frozen pier
South Haven Lighthouse

Keith Matz
Print- Open - Gal/Pro
a purple toned photograph of a bridge over a river with a spillway in the foreground and a city skyline in the background
Mississippi Majesty

Patrick Morgan
Digital - Assigned - Adv 1
a photograph taken under a bridge featuring the repeating white butresses
San Carlos Bay Bridges

Gerri Barr
Print - Assigned - Novice
a black and white photograph of the Detroit sculpture of a fist and arm, taken from underneath with the city skyline and sky in the background
Detroit Power

Tom Egel
Print - Open - Adv 1