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Photo Assignments for 2017/2018
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Meeting Format (except in April)

Meetings begin with brief announcements of Club business and events of interest. New members are also welcomed and introduced at this time.  All meetings are open to the public and visitors are encouraged.

Various programs are planned throughout the year (see meeting schedule for details).  The programs are typically educational and may include a guest speaker. Programs are presented at the start of the meetings and typically last 30-40 minutes.

Display/Presentation of Member Photos:
For each meeting, a monthly theme or assignment is named with the goal of challenging members to create new and compelling images. On the first Tuesday meeting of each month, projected digital images are presented.  On the third Tuesday, printed images are displayed and presented. Submission guidelines are provided below.

The member presentations may include a mix of images from digital cameras, 35mm slides or even large format film. For projected images, digital processing and printing techniques are often discussed.

These presentations are in the spirit of sharing and learning. Discussion of images and composition is encouraged. Critique is meant to be helpful and constructive. The photos may be presented for a variety of purposes, including discussing new approaches or techniques, soliciting suggestions for improvement or sharing new locations.  

Annual Competition/April Meeting Format:
A competition for best projected images and prints of the year is held in April. At these meetings selected projected images (1st Tuesday) and prints (3rd Tuesday) are re-shown to the group by the members and voted upon by all members. Awards are made in four photographer categories (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Gallery/Pro). Awards are presented at the annual AACC banquet.

Annual Timeline

The typical timeline of scheduled club events is shown below. See Meetings page for current schedule.

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Photo Assignments for 2017/2018

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Image Submission Guidelines

Digital Images:

Printed Images:

Annual Competition:

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Instructions to access the Ann Arbor Camera Club Yahoo Group site
(members only)

  1. Go to and select "groups" found in the list located on the left hand side
  2. Click on "sign in" upper right corner
  3. OR Go directly to the yahoo group web site Note that panel options are NOT active until you sign in by clicking on "sign in" in upper right corner.
  4. Now sign in on login page with your yahoo ID and password.
  5. The navigation menu along the top is now active and available to access (Concersation, Photos, etc...). Log out at any time by clicking on "sign out" in upper right corner. You may also edit your membership by clicking "Edit Membership" in the bar at the top
  6. The "Membership" Screen:  Use this to change preferred email address, add another email address, choose to receive all emails or just one daily digest, etc. When finished click on "Save Changes"

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