Ann Arbor Camera Club - Rules & By-Laws

Competition Rules
Ann Arbor Camera Club By-Laws

Annual Competition Rules

In April, the Club holds an annual competition for best projected images and prints. For each format (projected or print), members may enter a maximum of two (2) images in the "Assignment" category and two (2) in the "Open" category, for a total of four (4) images. If desired, an image originally shown as "Assignment" may be entered as "Open", however, an "Open" image may not be entered as "Assignment". Any image or print shown at a regular meeting, starting with the previous May, is eligible provided it is the same format (projected or print) as originally shown. To submit images, please follow the Image Submission Guidelines on the Info page.

All voting is anonymous. For each category (Assignment and Open) and skill level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Gallery/Pro) judging is as follows:

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The aim of the AACC is to promote growth in the appreciation of and skill in the making of photographs of all kinds. Our meetings offer an opportunity for learning more about the exciting world of photography. Visitors, guests and prospective members are always welcome at all meetings.

The club programs are designed to be both informative and enjoyable. They include guest speakers, slide shows and demonstrations or workshops. The program chair attempts to include subjects of interest to both beginning and advanced photographers.

Article I - MEETINGS

Section 1 - Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are to be held from September through June on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Meetings begin at 7:30 P.M. unless otherwise announced.

Section 2 - Special Meetings

One Executive Committee meeting shall be held in the Spring of an election year to nominate a slate of officers for the biannual election.

At a regular meeting in the month preceding the Annual Banquet during an election year, the Executive Committee shall present its slate of proposed officers. The membership may nominate additional candidates. Election of officers shall be held at the first regular meeting of the month of the Annual Banquet. Installation of officers shall occur at the Annual Banquet.

Another Executive Committee meeting shall be held in May for the purpose of generating a list of assignments on which the membership will vote. Voting will be conducted electronically in May and announced in June. These assignments will become effective the following October through September.

Section 3 – Annual Banquet

An annual banquet shall for held each spring. Annual competition awards may be given at this banquet.

Article II - DUES

Membership dues shall be collected annually. Fees for membership shall be set by the Executive Committee at least two months prior to the Annual Banquet. The membership shall be informed of any proposed increase in dues at least 2 months in advance and shall approve such increase by a simple majority vote at a regular meeting of the club. The AACC fiscal year begins March 1st, the anniversary of the club's founding in 1956. Annual dues should be paid each year by April 30th. After that date, only members who have paid dues for the year will be able to send and receive AACC emails, access the members-only area of the website, and display images or prints at meetings. Members who paid for lifetime memberships when they were available are not required to pay annual dues.


The executive committee consists of all club officers plus any past president of the AACC who requests to be included. Such requests should be made to the current president. Any member who wishes may attend the executive committee meetings. The executive committee meets as noted in these bylaws and at such other times as the president may deem necessary. The club membership votes biannually for President and Vice- President. Others officers are appointed by the President.

The officers of the Ann Arbor Camera Club are:

The executive committee must create an annual budget with expected and maximum amounts for each item. The budget will be included in the treasurer's financial report at the banquet. Amounts exceeding the maximum or not in the budget must be approved by two thirds of the entire executive committee.


Section I - Exhibition

In the month of September through June, with the exception of the month of the Annual Banquet, members may show projected images at one meeting and prints at the other meeting. This is done in a spirit of sharing new work with others and getting their reactions, possibly in the form of constructive criticism. There is no restriction on size, mounting, or commercial processing of prints for these meetings.

Each month which contains a regular meeting of the club shall be assigned a theme. Themes are chosen annually by the club membership. The President may select the theme for a specific month.

Prints or projected images may be presented in either or both of two categories:

  1. Open
  2. Assignment Theme

A total of four (4) photos may be shown per member at each meeting.

In order to get maximum participation of members, there are four (4) levels for presenting individual works:

Members choose the level in which they feel most comfortable within these guidelines.

Section II - Competition

Each spring, the annual competitions for projected images and prints are held in place of the usual meeting format. There will be two categories in each of the four competition levels; Open and Assignment. Members may enter a maximum of two projected images or prints in each category. Any slide or print shown at a regular meeting since the previous competition is eligible. Projected images and prints shown in the Assignment category during the year may be entered in either the Assignment or Open competition; Open category photos may only be entered in the Open competition. All voting will be secret. Each member votes for three entries, indicating his or her choice for first, second, and third. Five (5) points are awarded for first, three (3) for second and one (1) for third. The total points received rank the entries as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention. The President and Vice-President may decide to conduct an additional vote of the membership of the top 6 places in the event of ambiguity of results.

Section III – Additional honors

The Executive Committee may choose additional ways to honor outstanding photographs presented at club meetings.


To amend these by-laws, the amendment must first be communicated in writing to the AACC members. Then, it must be presented at a regular AACC meeting with time allowed for discussion of the merits. It will be voted on at the next regular AACC meeting. A simple majority vote of those in attendance is needed to pass.

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