Best of the Ann Arbor Camera Club 2017 - Second Place Winners

First Place Winners - Third Place Winners

Photograph of a yellow tinged pink flower against a black background

Bob Feldman
Print - Open- Gal/Pro
Photograph of a train trestle bridge reflected in the river below
Cuyahoga Valley Bridge

Mel Annis
Digital - Assigned - Adv 2
a sepia toned close up photograph of a bearded man wearing a hare playing a trumpet
Blowin Horn on Main Street

Gerri Barr
Print - Open - Novice
frozen shoreline with bare trees silhouetted along the shore
A2 Winter - Portage Lake

Jack White
Print - Assigned - Adv 2
a photograph of a golden sunrise shining through trees and a misty creek surrounded by cattails
My Favorite Spot

Rosie Lemons
Digital - Assigned - Gal/Pro
a photograph the top of a white head with a blue rimmed eye surrounded by a yellow ring, beak buried in brown feathers
Australian Pelican

Dietmar Haenchen
Print - Open - Adv 2
a photograph of many waterfalls spilling down a green and rocky face
Icelandic Waterfall

Keith Matz
Print - Assigned- Gal/Pro

A photograph of a white church with multiple spires sitting on a green hillside against a darkening blue sky
San Diego Temple

Lori Franzen
Digital - Assigned - Adv 1

a photograph of a glacier nestled on a rocky depression on a mountainside with blue skies in the background and pine trees in the foreground
Angel Glacier

Jeff Wagoner
Digital - Open - Novice
a photograph of the sun setting creating a shine on an icy snow covered pond and walkway
Afternoon Glaze

Gerri Barr
Print- Assigned - Novice
a photograph of a steel sided building that has all sorts of angles, curves and outcroppings, all are reflecting a blue sky with clouds
Weisman Art Museum

James Whiteside
Print - Assigned - Adv 1
a photograph of an orange sunrise through clouds over a rock strewn lake along a rocky shore
Isle Royale Sunrise

Keith Matz
Digital - Open - Gal/Pro
a photograph of a small monkey crawling on hi mom lying down
Hi Mom

Dietmar Haenchen
Digital - Open - Adv 2
a photograph of a green hummingbird with a blue head and throat drinking from a string of yellow flowers
Casta's Hummingbird

Lori Franzen
Print - Open- Adv 1
a photograph taken at night of a bridge lit up with a city skyline behind it and all reflected in the water
Brooklyn Bridge

Jeff Wagoner
Digital - Assigned - Novice
  a photograph of three white flowers wrapped in their green leaves coming up through a floor of brown leaves
Bloodroot Trio

Lori Franzen
Digital - Open - Adv 1