Best of the Ann Arbor Camera Club 2017 - Third Place Winners

First Place Winners - Second Place Winners

A photograph of a bridge silhouetted against the setting sun in an orange sky

UBein Bridge
Ann O'Hagan
Print - Assgned - Gal/Pro

a photograph of a stilllife portrait of an open bottle of wine sitting on a doiley with a block of yellow cheese and a glass of red wine
Wine & Cheese

Dale Yates
Digital - Assigned -Novice
a photograph in sepia tones with silhouettes of trees along the lower half on snowy ground
Foggy Day

Dave Patria
Digital - Open- Adv 2
a photograph of a brown and white llama standing on top of a green mountain top with ruins and cloud covered  mountains in the background

Mary Whiteside
Print - Open - Adv 2
a black and white photograph of metal utensils hanging along and above a stone fireplace
Country Kitchen

Michael Greenstein
Digital - Open - Gal/Pro
a photograph of a greyish beige shaggy horse head against the flank of a brown horse
Icelandic Horses

Tom Egel
Print - Open -Adv 1
photograph of a bald eagle flying over a grass lined body of water
Flying Eagle

Keith Matz
Print - Open - Gal/Pro
a pink and purple tinged photograph of a lily pad covered pond
Gallup Park

Patrick Morgan
Digital - Assigned - Adv 1
a photoraph of grass covered slopes with cloud covered mountains and grey skies in the background
Tea Plantations

Jeff Wagoner
Print - Open - Novice

a photograph of the head of a very large beaked bird with a yellow breast and a red nape
Curl Crested Aracari

Rich Miller
Digital - Assgned - Adv 2

a photograph of yellow daffodils and purple irises rendered in a panterly fashion
Daffodils & Irises

Lori Franzen
Print - Assigned - Adv 1

a photograph of a boy and a girl chasing large bubbles in the street
Bubble Fun

Dietmar Haenchen
Digital - Open - Adv 2

a photograph of two pink waterlilies amidst lily pads in a body of water reflecting greenery along the bank
Swamp Edge

Ann O'Hagan
Digital - Assgned - Gal/Pro

a black and white photograph with the hull of a ship in the foreground and grounded boats along the shore in the background

Tom Egel
Digital - Open - Adv 1

a black and white photo of a bare dead tree wit the sun setting behind it casting a long shadow in the foreground upon parched cracked earth
Trip into the Light

Patrick Morgan
Digital - Open - Adv 1

a photograph of the ruins of an acient civilization found on top of a mountain with the peaks of mountains in the background
Machu Picchu with Watchman's Hut

James Whiteside
Print - Assigned - Adv 1

a mostly dark photograph  of green swirls of lights and their reflections
Dawson Northern Lights

Jeff Wagoner
Digital - Open - Novice

a photograph of a couple in the foreground sitting by a soaring building with lines and angles
Royal Ontario Museum

Pat Cornett
Honorable Mention
Digital - Open - Gal/Pro


a photograph of a snow covered area with a nonfrozen hole and snow covered pines in the background

Lori Franzen
Honorable Mention
Digital - Assigned - Adv 1